Marojejy Nature Reserve
(90 km from Sambava in the north-east of Andapa) The crystalline solid Marojejy (2 137m), which provides links to its eastern Tsaratanana, is a sanctuary for wildlife.
You can find a variety of vegetation, many species of bird, reptiles and mammals. You need a special permission of Madagascar National Parks to go to the reserve..
From Maroambihy, the rise of the massive requiers three days of round trip. It’s better to bring a local guide, especially when the humidity comes.
Vanilla cooperative (north of the city)
A visit plantations measures the patience that requires the maintenance of vanilla and the pollination artificial of vanilla flowers.
After drying the pods, workers of the cooperative proceeds to a selection , according to the size. They conserve vanilla boots in a wax paper

Before export, an auditor sniffs each vanilla boot in order to remove bad cloves.

Coconut of Soavoanio
"The Good Coconut" (Antalaha road)
35,000 hectares of land are covered of coconut. It cultivates an hybrid, the result of crossing a dwarf coconut from Malaysia and coconut from Africa. Coconuts harvest is done throughout the year, especially from the end of june to the beginning of September. While some farm workers, others do different step like crushing fruit and drying the kernel which gives coconut oil.
Beach of Sambava
Ampadrozonana beach is the most beautiful beach of Sambava. From downtown, you have to take the south direction to reach there (3 Km).
Explore the river
From Nosiarina, ( twenty kilometers north of Sambava), you can use a local boat as a transportation to visit “Bemarivo river” and go up to “Amboangibe village”, where there are many plants of coffee. It is an opportunity to make a trip in the heart of vegetation rich of birds and chameleons.

Visit of “Antohomaro lake” (9 km south of Sambava)
You can enjoy fishing or doing a picnic there.